field of hope

Field of Hope

Planting the Seed of Awareness

The prevention of child abuse was adopted as Exchange’s National Project in 1979.  The membership was charged with the responsibility to inform and increase the awareness of child abuse and how it can be prevented.

In memory of children who die from child abuse and neglect, Exchange Club of Flagstaff erects the Field of Hope in April as part of Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Each child who died in Arizona the previous year has a Blue Ribbon Flag posted in their memory.  In 2008, the Exchange Club posted 52 flags at its first Field of Hope. In 2020, the club recognized 100 children who died from child abuse the previous year.  A dedication ceremony remembers the loss of these children and reminds us of the need to come together to prevent other children from suffering and death from abuse or neglect.

By presenting The “Field of Hope”, the Exchange Club of Flagstaff raises awareness of the occurrence of child abuse, supports local child abuse prevention efforts and inspires our community to take action to protect our children.